About Us

The Dignity Group is a non-profit organization that helps families with special needs to understand and navigate the disability system. We encourage families to plan for the unknown tomorrows today while there is still time.

Do you have a Life Care Plan in place for your special needs family member?

Do you have financial, legal, and personal protections in place to protect your special needs family member?

Do you feel that it is not entirely clear what would happen to your special needs family member if you were not there to protect them?

Because we are a non-profit supported by compassionate families with special needs, we are able to consult with families at no charge. When you meet with us, we will take the time to learn about your family and discuss how to take steps to protect them and maximize their benefits.


Our Executive Director, Grady Jennings, understands special needs families through first-hand experience. Grady, along with our partner families, bring a wealth of collective experience in planning for and protecting our special needs family members. We have worked with hundreds of families each year since 1997. Additionally, Gradys experience with his son James allows him to understand first-hand what your family may be experiencing. Though every family is different, the collective experience of The Dignity Group and our families informs us how we protect and empower families with special needs.


We help families with special needs understand and navigate the disability system. At no charge, we will meet with you and offer solutions to maximize the benefits and protection for your family. Our offerings discuss

1. Understanding the problems. Whats going on for our kids?
2. Benefits and dynamics. What benefits do we have?
3. Impact of traditional planning vs. special needs planning.
4. Understanding the dynamics of wills, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships, and the role of it in our lives.
5. Building a LifeCare plan to accomplish our goals for our family. How do we tie it all together?

Life Care Plan
Outlines the present needs of, and future services a family wishes to provide for the special needs individual. This is the heart and soul of what The Dignity Group provides.

Entitlement Programs
What are they, who is eligible, how to get them, and where do you apply?

Do you need a financial guardian, legal guardian, or both? Why? How do you make the choices? What’s the difference between power of attorney and power of attorney for health care?

Why wills are important, what traps parents can fall into, and how to avoid unnecessary problems.

What trusts are, why they can be important, and how they can become a parents best friend.


To get started, make an appointment with us for a free consultation.